In the wake of getting a Nintendo 3DS throughout the end of the week, and subsequent to playing “Phantom Recon: Shadow Battles” for several hours I chose to start up “Sim City DS” to look at how the more seasoned DS games played, and to be fair I love a touch of Sim City from time to time.

What I saw however, is that the 3DS will loosen up unique Nintendo DS games so the picture can look a little pixellated, I chose to stop out of the game and have a little glance at the framework settings on the principal menu to check whether I could track down any choices to enhance the image quality.

No, there are no choices.

After a smidgen of messing around however, the arrangement came to me.

In the wake of turning on your 3DS with your DS game embedded:

Press and hold the Select and Begin fastens, these are on the left and right of the Home button beneath the touch screen
With Select and Begin held down, select the DS game symbol to send off it
Keep the two buttons held down until the game has stacked
At the point when the game has stacked, discharge the buttons

At the point when the game ดูบอลโลก2022 has stacked up it will currently be in its local goal,

However, this accompanies Ace’s and Con’s to this.


Picture is a ton more clear
Game runs a little smoother
You are as yet ready to play all your #1 DS games how they were intended to be played

Dark lines, rather than the dark boundaries being marginally perceptible on the left and right sides of the top screen, they will presently be around 1/2 inch thick on the left and right sides, and a little more than 1/4 inch thick on the top. With about 1/4 inch on 3 sides on the base screen.

To me this isn’t a lot of an issue, however to other’s this might be a gnawed off-putting.

However, in all I’m very content with how the 3DS has been playing out, this is just minor bothering. I’m anticipating what’s in store deliveries and will appreciate playing my old DS games from now onward, indefinitely, and as long as Nintendo keep on delivering top quality titles, and yet again discharge the more seasoned NES and Snes games on the impending eShop for the Virtual Control center, I’m certain that the 3DS will have a similar accomplishment as the past Nintendo DS handheld’s.

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